PTA Registration

Registrations for ORE PTA are done via our PTA Memberhub using the options below which will take you to the external member registration page.

It is a requirement of AZPTA that all members register in this way.

Some FAQ:

  • Membership is $6 for each individual. PTA remits $5.50 to AZPTA.

  • Membership runs from signup date through June 30th following the end of the schoolyear.

  • Membership only covers that individual. IE If two parents both wish to participate at PTA meetings, they both need to register.

  • Previous members must register every year in order to participate in PTA meetings for that schoolyear; July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

  • Members registering after March 1st may not vote in the coming years elections. (typically held in May)